THREE (3) CAB O SIL Adhesive Filler 5qt $73.00

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THREE (3) CAB O SIL  Adhesive Filler

THREE 5 quart containers   $73.00

For Epoxy resins

Please remember that our CAB O SIL Adhesive Filler comes in a container marked in ounces and other units of measure. This is at least a $2.50 value by itself!

CAB O SIL  Adhesive Filler is a thickening additive, mixed with epoxy resins to create a strong general purpose adhesive with a smooth texture. It is an excellent gap filler. It can also be blended with other fillers such as micro balloons , wood flour, and chopped strands to improve strength and sag resistance.

To use:

- mix your resin and hardener.

- next add your CAB O SIL  Adhesive Filler, at a 1:1 mixture by volume. One quart or resin would take one quart of Colloidal Silica Adhesive Filler.

- it is best to use a paint mixer on your power drill to ensure that all of the CAB O SIL Adhesive Filler is properly saturated.

Thick layers and large pour areas can create excessive heat, so proceed with caution.   not recomended to be spread more that 1/8 " thick

Read before using:


Dry powder materials can build up static charges. Proper precautions must be taken in the presence of flammable liquids.


Can cause eye irritation, harmful if inhaled, may cause skin irritation. Harmful if swallowed.

Avoid contact with eyes, and contact with skin. Wear goggles and face shield when handling. Always wear an approved respirator. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep away from heat , spark and flame. Store handle and use in a manner that minimizes dust generation.

First aid:

In case of contact with skin, wash with warm water and soap. For eyes immediately flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation continues seek medical attention. If inhaled, move to a fresh air environment . If you have breathing difficulties seek immediate medical attention

AVOID BREATHING DUST , excessive inhalation could cause lung damage. Use adequate ventilation and approved respiratory protection.


Attention: container may be hazardous when empty. Empty containers contain product residue.

To request an MSDS for this product , send an e-mail request  to , and it will be sent you in a PDF file .