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Combined Shipping -(Cloth is shipped on rolls, we never fold, that ruins the cloth)

When ordering resin and rollers, you will not be charged shipping on the rollers.

Also, if you order items that can be combined we will combine shipping wherever  possible.

When you check out , your shipping will appear high if you have items in your cart  that can be combined. The shipping calculator sees each item as a separate charge.

 When we receive your order, we will combine shipping wherever possible, then we will e-mail you a new invoice with a lower total before charging  anything to you credit card .

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 Fiberglasssite does not make a profit on shipping . We charge what UPS Charges.

 We ship our cloth , mat and roving on rolls to avoid damage. We never fold the cloth because that ruins it.

 Single gallons of resin and gelcoat must be shipped separately to avoid the HZMT fee.

ALL  cloth an mat are shipped on separate rolls, this may cause shipping to be a little higher, but it ensures that your fiberglass cloth or mat will be in excellent condition when you receive it

single gallons of resin must be shipped one gallon at a time to avoid HZMT fees

five gallon pails of resin or gelcoat have a $48.00 HZMT charge built into the price,. UPS gets the $48.00 , not Fiberglass Site.

If you  want to find out what your combined shipping will be, you can give us a call during regular business hours, and we will tell you, or you can e-mail us you order, and your zip code and state of residence  and we will tell you what you total shipping will be.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we take much greater care with our products when shipping than any other fiberglass related site. We want our high quality products to reach you in good condition, and they will !