Premium Polyester Resin | 53 Gallon Drum

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53 gallon drums of our Premium Polyester resin.

We  have some 53 gallon drums available for sale.

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Polyester Resins are the most commonly used resins in the marine industry. These resins are hardened with MEKP. When working with these resins it is advisable to wear gloves , eye protection, and a chemical respirator. These resins can be used with all types of fiberglass, except the ones on FiberglassSite that are EPOXY ONLY. Polyester resin can be used with carbon fiber, urethane foam, and core materials, but not Styrofoam. Polyester resin is rigid when cured, and more brittle than epoxy.

All of our resins are sold with hardener included in the price, and wax if requested

When polyester resin is used without wax, it dries with a tacky surface that allows you to add a second coat without sanding. If you add wax it dries to a smooth , slick , not sticky , non tacky hard surface.. (This thin wax layer must be sanded away before painting or adding another layer of polyester.) The advantage getting wax with your resin lets you decide whether to use the polyester without wax so multiple layers can be done without sanding, and then add wax to the polyester resin before the final coat. No need to buy two different kinds of polyester resin when you buy from us !

MEKP drying agent, and wax mixing directions come with the resin.

We sell Gallons, Multiple gallons, and 55 gallon drums.


Did you know that polyester resin has a three to four month shelf life? Do you think the resin at the home store or the automotive store is fresh? .. We receive shipments of resin at least twice a month, and we keep the MEKP hardener refrigerated until shipping!.